Tag: cats

Red cat and daffodils

€0.99 Postcard red cat and daffodils

Mum and me

Sold out Postcard mum and me

Like a Black Panter

€0.39 Postcard like a black panter

Curious cat

Sold out Postcard curious cat


€0.99 Postcard howling

Windy day

Sold out Postcard windy day

Girl with cat

€0.39 Postcard girl with cat

Cat on a roof

€0.39 Postcard cat on a roof

If it fits I sits

Sold out Postcard if it fits i sits

Mrs Bufkins' busy day

Sold out Postcard mrs bufkins' busy day

White cat among dandelions

€0.99 Postcard white cat among dandelions

Cat on a windowsill

€0.31 Discount! Postcard cat on a windowsill

Gnome feeds the cat

€0.89 Postcard gnome feeds the cat

Fearless mother

€0.39 Postcard fearless mother

White cat by the door

€0.99 Postcard white cat by the door

Autumn camouflage

Sold out Postcard autumn camouflage

Little Yoda

Sold out Postcard little yoda

Snowman with kitten

€0.89 Postcard snowman with kitten

Findus with fishing rod

Sold out Postcard findus with fishing rod

Findus doing a headstand

€0.89 Postcard findus doing a headstand

Familiar portraits

€0.89 Postcard familiar portraits

Pettson & Findus eating cake

€0.89 Postcard pettson & findus eating cake

Christmas Eve

€0.89 Postcard christmas eve

Sleeping kittens

€0.39 Postcard sleeping kittens

Cat in a garden

€0.31 Discount! Postcard cat in a garden

Grey cat by green door

€0.99 Postcard grey cat by green door

Gnome on ladder

€0.99 Postcard gnome on ladder

Little vampire

€0.39 Postcard little vampire

An interesting game

€0.39 Postcard an interesting game

The Moon Influence

€0.31 Discount! Postcard the moon influence

Darth Meowder

Sold out Postcard darth meowder

Blue eyed kitten

€0.31 Discount! Postcard blue eyed kitten

Cat, coffee and book

Sold out Postcard cat, coffee and book

Kitten wearing knitted sweater

€0.31 Discount! Postcard kitten wearing knitted sweater

Cat on vintage fireplace

Sold out Postcard cat on vintage fireplace

Ginger kitten drinking milk

€0.23 Discount! Postcard ginger kitten drinking milk

Girl with kitten

€0.31 Discount! Postcard girl with kitten

Findus chasing hens

Sold out Postcard findus chasing hens

By the fireside

€0.89 Postcard by the fireside

Portrait after breakfast

€0.39 Postcard portrait after breakfast

A little milksop

€0.39 Postcard a little milksop

Waiting for Mr. Postman

€0.31 Discount! Postcard waiting for mr. postman

Night fun

€0.39 Postcard night fun

Very tigerish garden

€0.39 Postcard very tigerish garden

Staring up at dahlias

€0.39 Postcard staring up at dahlias

Time to fulfill wishes

€0.39 Postcard time to fulfill wishes

Cat with popcorn

€0.39 Discount! Postcard cat with popcorn

Gnome eats supper

€0.89 Postcard gnome eats supper

Findus reads a book

€0.89 Postcard findus reads a book

Findus in cote

€0.89 Postcard findus in cote

Pettson and Findus eating pancakes

€0.89 Postcard pettson and findus eating pancakes

Christmas gifts

€0.89 Postcard christmas gifts

Christmas gignerbreads

€0.89 Postcard christmas gignerbreads

Gnome with cat and christmas tree

€0.99 Postcard gnome with cat and christmas tree

Sleeping kitten and his mum

Sold out Postcard sleeping kitten and his mum

I like salmon pink roses

€0.39 Postcard i like salmon pink roses

Cat Lover

€0.39 Postcard cat lover

Happy Rescue

€0.90 Postcard happy rescue

Cat Rock

€0.23 Discount! Postcard cat rock

Cat's life

€0.23 Discount! Postcard cat's life

The Cat, the Dog and their friends

€0.31 Discount! Postcard the cat, the dog and their friends

Cat wearing glasses

€0.39 Postcard cat wearing glasses

Cat enchanted

€0.39 Postcard cat enchanted

Cat's night in the garden

€0.39 Postcard cat's night in the garden

Cherry charming

€0.39 Postcard cherry charming

Pettson and Findus carrying Christmas tree

€0.89 Postcard pettson and findus carrying christmas tree

Maine Coon

€0.39 Postcard maine coon


€0.39 Postcard gatekeeper

Here you see, the autumn is coming again

€0.39 Postcard here you see, the autumn is coming again

Plush hill

€0.39 Postcard plush hill

In pink-tinged garden

€0.39 Postcard in pink-tinged garden

Moment light as a feather

€0.39 Postcard moment light as a feather

Zen Cat

€0.31 Discount! Postcard zen cat

Leisure Moments

€0.31 Discount! Postcard leisure moments


€0.39 Postcard longing


€0.99 Postcard secret

In lilacs

€0.39 Postcard in lilacs

Cat taking shower

€0.39 Discount! Postcard cat taking shower

Cat Punk

€0.23 Discount! Postcard cat punk

Purr Evil

€0.39 Postcard purr evil

Finus at Christmas - bookmark

€2.30 Postcard finus at christmas - bookmark