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Are you wondering where to buy pretty postcards? Are you a member of is the place for you! In our shop you will definitely find the perfect card for your postcard-pal or for your own collection. We have cards with breathtaking landscapes, culinary postcards, cards with animals, unique illustrations and many more. And we ship all around the world. Just take a look into our categories and you will certainly find a fit postcard!

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Sale ends on Sunday, 25th February

Selected items

Sitting Omysha

€0.25 Postcard sitting omysha

Ginger kitten drinking milk

€0.25 Postcard ginger kitten drinking milk

Snowshoe hare

€0.25 Postcard snowshoe hare

Happy puppy

€0.25 Postcard happy puppy

House sparrow

€0.25 Postcard house sparrow

Cat on vintage fireplace

€0.25 Postcard cat on vintage fireplace

Wooden carousel horse

€0.25 Postcard wooden carousel horse

Garden lizard

€0.25 Postcard garden lizard

Rat in a library

€0.25 Postcard rat in a library

Cozy autumn picnic

€0.25 Postcard cozy autumn picnic

Autumn chess

€0.25 Postcard autumn chess

Lonely tree

€0.25 Postcard lonely tree

French macaroons

€0.25 Postcard french macaroons

Cake with sweet cherry

€0.25 Postcard cake with sweet cherry

Berry pies

€0.25 Postcard berry pies

Homemade lavender lemonade

€0.25 Postcard homemade lavender lemonade

Fruit skewers

€0.25 Postcard fruit skewers

Clove pinks in basket

€0.25 Postcard clove pinks in basket

Dried flowers

€0.25 Postcard dried flowers

Fountain pen

€0.25 Postcard fountain pen

Vintage woman toilet objects

€0.25 Postcard vintage woman toilet objects

Girl with kitten

€0.25 Postcard girl with kitten

Two little monks

€0.25 Postcard two little monks

Child with seashell

€0.25 Postcard child with seashell

Staircase and bicycle

€0.25 Postcard staircase and bicycle

Spiral staircase

€0.25 Postcard spiral staircase

Green staircase in Wrocław

€0.25 Postcard green staircase in wrocław


€0.25 Postcard sisters

Their New Love

€0.25 Postcard their new love

Courting attension

€0.25 Postcard courting attension

Vintage game spinners

€0.25 Postcard vintage game spinners

MiG-29 W. Urbanowicz

€0.25 Postcard mig-29 w. urbanowicz

MiG-29 M. Pisarek

€0.25 Postcard mig-29 m. pisarek

Old padlock

€0.25 Postcard old padlock

The key

€0.25 Postcard the key

Halloween brains cupcakes

€0.25 Postcard halloween brains cupcakes

Cat on a windowsill

€0.25 Postcard cat on a windowsill

Little vampire

€0.25 Postcard little vampire

Cat on a roof

€0.25 Postcard cat on a roof

Common reed bunting

€0.25 Postcard common reed bunting

Black terns

€0.25 Postcard black terns

Three-toed woodpecker

€0.25 Postcard three-toed woodpecker

Coconut mazurek cake

€0.25 Postcard coconut mazurek cake

Coffee and note sheets

€0.25 Postcard coffee and note sheets

Coffee and old books

€0.25 Postcard coffee and old books

Plan 9 from Outer Space

€0.25 Postcard plan 9 from outer space

Victor Bicycles ad

€0.25 Postcard victor bicycles ad

The love letter

€0.25 Postcard the love letter

Treasure Island

€0.25 Postcard treasure island

Lavender fields at Senanque monastery

€0.25 Postcard lavender fields at senanque monastery

View with a lighthouse

€0.25 Postcard view with a lighthouse

Still life with sunflowers

€0.25 Postcard still life with sunflowers

Camembert and strawberries

€0.25 Postcard camembert and strawberries


€0.25 Postcard pears

Rotten heart

€0.25 Postcard rotten heart

Mechanical heart

€0.25 Postcard mechanical heart

Lost in Space

€0.25 Postcard lost in space


€0.25 Postcard illusion

Dead King

€0.25 Postcard dead king

The Bat

€0.25 Postcard the bat