Inge Löök

Inge Look is a Finnish artist, born in Helsinki. She was once a professional gardener, but today she is best-known for postcards with old ladies which postcrossers love and collect. The inspiration for the characters were Alli and Fifi, Inge’s neighbors from childhood. Artists says the women look nearly the same as their real-life models but they have a lot more fun.

In our shop you will find not only postcards with the old ladies, but also the other series, inspired by nature and gardening.

Winter parade

€0.99 Postcard winter parade

Delicious icicle

€0.99 Postcard delicious icicle

In the woodshed

€0.99 Postcard in the woodshed

Year 2021

€0.99 Postcard year 2021

Year 2020

€0.99 Postcard year 2020

Treasures under the tree

€0.99 Postcard treasures under the tree


€0.99 Postcard scarecrow


€0.99 Postcard massage

Bike trip

€0.99 Postcard bike trip

Successful catch

€0.99 Postcard successful catch

Cooking in cauldron

€0.99 Postcard cooking in cauldron

On hay

€0.99 Postcard on hay


€0.99 Postcard trip

Unexpected meeting

€0.99 Postcard unexpected meeting

In a boat

€0.99 Postcard in a boat


€0.99 Postcard skating


€0.99 Postcard moving

Under the Christmas tree

€0.99 Postcard under the christmas tree


€0.99 Postcard hitch-hiking


€0.99 Postcard jubilee

Mushroom hunting

€0.99 Postcard mushroom hunting


€0.99 Postcard redecorating

Getting their Christmas tree

€0.99 Postcard getting their christmas tree

Treasures from a container

€0.99 Postcard treasures from a container

Grape harvest

€0.99 Postcard grape harvest

In front of the fireplace

€0.99 Postcard in front of the fireplace

Treats under the Christmas tree

€0.99 Postcard treats under the christmas tree


€0.99 Postcard letters


€0.99 Postcard igloo

The snow cake

€0.99 Postcard the snow cake

Shaking apples

€0.99 Postcard shaking apples

Gate to the garden

€0.99 Postcard gate to the garden


€0.99 Postcard quarantine

Comfy armchairs

€0.99 Postcard comfy armchairs

Summer breeze

€0.99 Postcard summer breeze

Sliding down

€0.99 Postcard sliding down

Playing cards in the woods

€0.99 Postcard playing cards in the woods

Preparing for Christmas

€0.99 Postcard preparing for christmas

Blue tits

€0.99 Postcard blue tits

Tidying up

€0.99 Postcard tidying up

Laundry day

€0.99 Postcard laundry day

Ice swimming

€0.99 Postcard ice swimming

Sundial among lilacs

€0.99 Postcard sundial among lilacs

Narcissus and hedgehog

€0.99 Postcard narcissus and hedgehog

Kalle the Cat

€0.99 Postcard kalle the cat


€0.99 Postcard howling

White-knuckle ride at fairground

€0.99 Postcard white-knuckle ride at fairground

Hula hoop

€0.99 Postcard hula hoop

Champagne in greenhouse

€0.99 Postcard champagne in greenhouse

Birthday party

€0.99 Postcard birthday party

Autumn music

€0.99 Postcard autumn music

Grey cat by green door

€0.99 Postcard grey cat by green door


€0.99 Postcard poppies

Behind the greenhouse

€0.99 Postcard behind the greenhouse

On a moped

€0.99 Postcard on a moped


€0.99 Postcard protest

In a restaurant

€0.99 Postcard in a restaurant


€0.99 Postcard gardening

Soap bubbles

€0.99 Postcard soap bubbles

At the clocktower

€0.99 Postcard at the clocktower


€0.99 Postcard dancing

Mailbox full of flowers

€0.99 Postcard mailbox full of flowers

White cat by the door

€0.99 Postcard white cat by the door

White cat among dandelions

€0.99 Postcard white cat among dandelions


€0.99 Postcard lupines

Ginger cat on bike

€0.99 Postcard ginger cat on bike

In the garden

€0.99 Postcard in the garden

Red cat and daffodils

€0.99 Postcard red cat and daffodils


€0.99 Postcard pergola

Grey cat and bellflowers

€0.99 Postcard grey cat and bellflowers

Hedgehog in garden

€0.99 Postcard hedgehog in garden


€0.99 Postcard forget-me-nots


€0.99 Postcard sparrows

Christmas ride

€0.99 Postcard christmas ride


€0.99 Postcard secret

Dancing gnomes

€0.99 Postcard dancing gnomes

Gnome and christmas decorations

€0.99 Postcard gnome and christmas decorations

Gnome with fox on fence

€0.99 Postcard gnome with fox on fence

Gnome with goat and cat

€0.99 Postcard gnome with goat and cat

Seed feast

€0.99 Postcard seed feast

Gnome lighting a fire in the fireplace

€0.99 Postcard gnome lighting a fire in the fireplace