Hjelm Förlag

Findus with fishing rod

€0.89 Postcard findus with fishing rod

Familiar portraits

€0.89 Postcard familiar portraits

Findus in cote

€0.89 Postcard findus in cote

Pettson and Findus on the bike

€0.89 Postcard pettson and findus on the bike

Fishing trip

€0.89 Postcard fishing trip

Findus doing a headstand

€0.89 Postcard findus doing a headstand

Pettson and Findus eating pancakes

€0.89 Postcard pettson and findus eating pancakes

Pettson and Findus baking a cake

€0.89 Postcard pettson and findus baking a cake

Pettson and Findus making pancakes

€0.89 Postcard pettson and findus making pancakes

Christmas gifts

€0.89 Postcard christmas gifts

Christmas Eve

€0.89 Postcard christmas eve

Pettson and Findus carrying Christmas tree

€0.89 Postcard pettson and findus carrying christmas tree

Christmas gignerbreads

€0.89 Postcard christmas gignerbreads

Findus as st. Lucia

€0.89 Postcard findus as st. lucia

Pettson & Findus eating cake

€0.89 Postcard pettson & findus eating cake

Pettson and Findus in workshop

€0.89 Postcard pettson and findus in workshop

Findus reads a book

€0.89 Postcard findus reads a book

Baby Findus helps in the kitchen

€0.89 Postcard baby findus helps in the kitchen

Mamma Mu fishing

€0.89 Postcard mamma mu fishing

St. Lucia in the barn

€0.89 Postcard st. lucia in the barn

Mamma Mu ballerina

€0.89 Postcard mamma mu ballerina

Mamma Mu in a treehouse

€0.89 Postcard mamma mu in a treehouse

Mamma Mu and Crow on sledge

€0.89 Postcard mamma mu and crow on sledge

Mamma Mu's jump

€0.89 Postcard mamma mu's jump


€0.89 Postcard sledging

Gnome and fox

€0.89 Postcard gnome and fox

Gnome with two cats

€0.89 Postcard gnome with two cats

Gnome eats supper

€0.89 Postcard gnome eats supper

Gnome's visit

€0.89 Postcard gnome's visit

Gnome feeds the cat

€0.89 Postcard gnome feeds the cat

Hansel and Gretel

€0.89 Postcard hansel and gretel

The Little Match Girl

€0.89 Postcard the little match girl

Little Red Riding Hood

€0.89 Postcard little red riding hood

The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep

€0.89 Postcard the shepherdess and the chimney sweep

The Wild Swans

€0.89 Postcard the wild swans

A lullaby for trolls

€0.89 Postcard a lullaby for trolls

Pippi Langsrtump

€0.89 Postcard pippi langsrtump

Pippi and the policemen

€0.89 Postcard pippi and the policemen

Pippi writes letter

€0.89 Postcard pippi writes letter

Pippi moves in

€0.89 Postcard pippi moves in

Pippi bakes gingerbreads

€0.89 Postcard pippi bakes gingerbreads

Gnome with Christmas gifts

€0.89 Postcard gnome with christmas gifts


€0.89 Postcard january


€0.89 Postcard february


€0.89 Postcard march


€0.89 Postcard april


€0.89 Postcard may


€0.89 Postcard june


€0.89 Postcard july


€0.89 Postcard august


€0.89 Postcard september


€0.89 Postcard october


€0.89 Postcard november


€0.89 Postcard december

Children of the Forest and elves

€0.89 Postcard children of the forest and elves

Forest conference

€0.89 Postcard forest conference

Children of the Forest and the bat

€0.89 Postcard children of the forest and the bat


€0.89 Postcard mushrooming

By the brook

€0.89 Postcard by the brook

In Bethlehem stable

€0.89 Postcard in bethlehem stable

Arctic foxes

€0.89 Postcard arctic foxes

Harbor seal

€0.89 Postcard harbor seal

Stag Beetle

€0.89 Postcard stag beetle

She-wolf with cubs

€0.89 Postcard she-wolf with cubs

Young deers

€0.89 Postcard young deers

She-bear with cubs

€0.89 Postcard she-bear with cubs


€0.89 Postcard bullfinches


€0.89 Postcard eagle-owl


€0.89 Postcard curlew


€0.89 Postcard cranes


€0.89 Postcard deer

Roe deers

€0.89 Postcard roe deers

Swan with cygnets

€0.89 Postcard swan with cygnets

Forest dormouse

€0.89 Postcard forest dormouse

Gray wolf

€0.89 Postcard gray wolf


€0.89 Postcard raven

Castor's Christmas

€0.89 Postcard castor's christmas

Snowman with kitten

€0.89 Postcard snowman with kitten

Christmas trees

€0.89 Postcard christmas trees


Sold out Postcard lynx

Mountain hare

Sold out Postcard mountain hare