Tag: winter

Winter cupcake

€0.31 Discount! Postcard winter cupcake

Hot chocolate with whipped cream

€0.31 Discount! Postcard hot chocolate with whipped cream

Mulled wine

€0.31 Discount! Postcard mulled wine

Mt. Śnieżka

€0.39 Postcard mt. śnieżka

Roe deer in earmuffs

€0.31 Discount! Postcard roe deer in earmuffs

Heart of Winter

€0.23 Discount! Postcard heart of winter

Old wooden windmills

€0.23 Discount! Postcard old wooden windmills

Red tram in winter

€0.39 Postcard red tram in winter

Zakopane in winter

€0.39 Postcard zakopane in winter

Winter in Karkonosze Mountains

€0.39 Postcard winter in karkonosze mountains

At the clocktower

€0.99 Postcard at the clocktower


€0.99 Postcard mailboxes

Ice swimming

€0.99 Postcard ice swimming


€0.89 Postcard sledging

Gnome's visit

€0.89 Postcard gnome's visit

Gnome and fox

€0.89 Postcard gnome and fox

Gnome feeds the cat

€0.89 Postcard gnome feeds the cat

Gnome with two cats

€0.89 Postcard gnome with two cats

Mamma Mu and Crow on sledge

€0.89 Postcard mamma mu and crow on sledge


€0.89 Postcard eagle-owl

She-bear with cubs

€0.89 Postcard she-bear with cubs

Pettson and Findus carrying Christmas tree

€0.89 Postcard pettson and findus carrying christmas tree


€0.89 Postcard bullfinches

Snowman with kitten

€0.89 Postcard snowman with kitten

Christmas trees

€0.89 Postcard christmas trees


€0.89 Postcard january


€0.89 Postcard february


€0.89 Postcard december

Gnome with Christmas gifts

€0.89 Postcard gnome with christmas gifts

Sleeping gnome with cat

€0.99 Postcard sleeping gnome with cat

Gnome and christmas decorations

€0.99 Postcard gnome and christmas decorations

In Bethlehem stable

€0.89 Postcard in bethlehem stable

Gnome with fox on fence

€0.99 Postcard gnome with fox on fence

Christmas tree for birds

€0.99 Postcard christmas tree for birds

Gnome with cat and christmas tree

€0.99 Postcard gnome with cat and christmas tree

Gnome feeds birds

€0.99 Postcard gnome feeds birds

Christmas ride

€0.99 Postcard christmas ride


€0.99 Postcard secret

Seed feast

€0.99 Postcard seed feast

Fox on a sledge

€1.20 Postcard fox on a sledge


€1.20 Postcard frost

Winter birds

€1.20 Postcard winter birds

Gnome with fox - bookmark

€2.30 Postcard gnome with fox - bookmark

Gray wolf

€0.89 Postcard gray wolf

Northern lights in Iceland

Sold out Postcard northern lights in iceland

Squirrel on the snow

Sold out Postcard squirrel on the snow

Moraine Lake

Sold out Postcard moraine lake

Happy winter!

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Deer in red hat and scarf

Sold out Postcard deer in red hat and scarf

Glamour flamingo

Sold out Postcard glamour flamingo

Polar bear

Sold out Postcard polar bear

Winter howl

Sold out Postcard winter howl

Hot air balloons over Cappadocia

Sold out Postcard hot air balloons over cappadocia

Preparing for Christmas

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Gnome with lynx

Sold out Postcard gnome with lynx

Tender greeting

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Polar Bears

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Mountain hare

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Gnome with white rabbit

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