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Vintage camera and flowers

€0.39 Postcard vintage camera and flowers

Vintage Russian camera

€0.39 Postcard vintage russian camera

Treasures under the tree

€0.99 Postcard treasures under the tree

Bike trip

€0.99 Postcard bike trip

White cat among dandelions

€0.99 Postcard white cat among dandelions

Sundial among lilacs

€0.99 Postcard sundial among lilacs

Gate to the garden

€0.99 Postcard gate to the garden


€0.99 Postcard forget-me-nots


€0.99 Postcard lupines

White cat by the door

€0.99 Postcard white cat by the door

In the garden

€0.99 Postcard in the garden

Red cat and daffodils

€0.99 Postcard red cat and daffodils

Grey cat and bellflowers

€0.99 Postcard grey cat and bellflowers


€0.99 Postcard poppies


€0.99 Postcard pergola

Hedgehog in garden

€0.99 Postcard hedgehog in garden

Narcissus and hedgehog

€0.99 Postcard narcissus and hedgehog

Blue tits

€0.99 Postcard blue tits

Mailbox full of flowers

€0.99 Postcard mailbox full of flowers


€0.89 Postcard april


€0.89 Postcard may

Pocket notes - Magnolia branch

€3.60 Postcard pocket notes - magnolia branch

Pocket notes - Sleeping cat

€3.60 Postcard pocket notes - sleeping cat


€1.20 Postcard apple

Wild rose and butterflies

€1.20 Postcard wild rose and butterflies

Spring Meadow

€1.20 Postcard spring meadow

Sleeping cat

€1.20 Postcard sleeping cat

Apple tree branch

€1.20 Postcard apple tree branch

Pear tree and dragonfly

€1.20 Postcard pear tree and dragonfly

Magnolia branch

€1.20 Postcard magnolia branch

Hepatica Heart

€1.20 Postcard hepatica heart

Apple Orchard

€1.20 Postcard apple orchard

Christmas flowers

€1.20 Postcard christmas flowers


Sold out Postcard ladybird

Summer bouquet of roses and freesias

Sold out Postcard summer bouquet of roses and freesias

Lavender in the basket

Sold out Postcard lavender in the basket


Sold out Postcard snail

Seedlings and orchid

Sold out Postcard seedlings and orchid

For the love of books

Sold out Postcard for the love of books

Summer garden

Sold out Postcard summer garden


Sold out Postcard sunflower

Summer in Carpathians

Sold out Postcard summer in carpathians

Heart shaped bouquet

Sold out Postcard heart shaped bouquet

Sweet macaroons in a gift box

Sold out Postcard sweet macaroons in a gift box

Crocuses in Tatras

Sold out Postcard crocuses in tatras

Very tigerish garden

Sold out Postcard very tigerish garden

Night fun

Sold out Postcard night fun

In lilacs

Sold out Postcard in lilacs

I like salmon pink roses

Sold out Postcard i like salmon pink roses

Staring up at dahlias

Sold out Postcard staring up at dahlias

Clove pinks in basket

Sold out Postcard clove pinks in basket

Dried flowers

Sold out Postcard dried flowers

Dreaming of summer

Sold out Postcard dreaming of summer

Łowicz folklore - pond

Sold out Postcard łowicz folklore - pond

Łowicz folklore - couple and storks

Sold out Postcard łowicz folklore - couple and storks

Łowicz folklore - apple orchard

Sold out Postcard łowicz folklore - apple orchard

Grand Piano

Sold out Postcard grand piano

Flowers from Łowicz - light yellow

Sold out Postcard flowers from łowicz - light yellow

Zalipian folklore

Sold out Postcard zalipian folklore

Łowicz folklore - A couple

Sold out Postcard łowicz folklore - a couple

Flowers from Łowicz - orange

Sold out Postcard flowers from łowicz - orange

Flowers from Łowicz - white

Sold out Postcard flowers from łowicz - white

Flowers from Łowicz - black

Sold out Postcard flowers from łowicz - black

Łowicz roosters

Sold out Postcard łowicz roosters

Flowers from Łowicz - dark yellow

Sold out Postcard flowers from łowicz - dark yellow

Flowers from Łowicz - purple

Sold out Postcard flowers from łowicz - purple

Kashubian rooster - green

Sold out Postcard kashubian rooster - green

Kashubian folklore

Sold out Postcard kashubian folklore